Since 1999 Ultra Sailing is developing her own charter fleet from different and attractive locations in Croatia. Today we manage more than 50 sailing boats and 10 catamarans from 4 difference charter bases (Split, Trogir, Dubrovnik & Pula). In our fleet the major part of the boats are owned by clients in our Charter Management program.

Charter Management program is the best way for the owners to avoid any concerns because the charter operator is:
- equipping and rigging the boat according to Croatians laws
- doing the annual maintenance and service of the boat
- doing the registration & administration
- managing the annual marina Berth (charter base)
- booking of the boat
- managing the welcoming and check-in/check-out protocols with charter guests in the season
- managing the complete support of the charter guests before and during the charter
- doing the marketing and promotion of the boat

If you are thinking about acquiring a new Beneteau sailing boat or yacht without a concrete idea or a plan (berth, financing, configuration, model etc.) then Ultra Sailing can provide you a detailed plan and several solutions through our Charter Management program.


Becoming a boat owner necessities time and boat needs maintenance, repairs, cleaning & a safe base. Boat is also requiring money and invests every season. Choosing the Charter Management program give the opportunity for the owner to cover the annual costs and generating as well some extra profit after each charter season.
In the meantime, the boat can be used by owner few weeks per season depending on the agreement with the agency.


Ultra as exclusive Beneteau dealer provide you the boat and define with you the optimal configuration for charter respecting personal customization. The goal is to have a fully equipped charter boat, according to the Croatian laws and our charter standards. Ultra d.o.o. orders the boat, organizes the transport, the rigging and delivery ''keys in hand'' ready for charter in Croatia. Usually boats are bought by private companies (EU, Croatian is recommended) and registered under EU flags (Croatian is recommended).
EU registration flags and EU companies are also possible but under certain circumstances which are validated by the Croatian Maritime Ministry.


Ultra Sailing provide a charter projection for each Beneteau model based on the number of predicted charter weeks. A good season is a season with about 20 weeks of charter.  In our calculation, you can see the details of the costs related to the boat (registration fee, engine services, maintenance, berths costs, insurance policy etc.). Charter business means also incomes, incomes that the owner is splitting with our agency. All details and condition are written in the Charter Management contract.

Final profit is calculated from the incomes based on the predicted number of weeks in one season (much charter weeks = much income) minus the annual costs and our charter agency provision.

Using the boat

Owner can use the boat few weeks per season as defined in the CM agreement, the owner’s weeks must be defined in advance, before the charter season. Before each charter season, the owner has the priority to choose his weeks.
Charter prices are separated in different categories of the seasons and we always recommend our clients and partners to avoid the high season to make as much as possible incomes in one season.


Depending on the season and on the available models, Ultra can propose a specific Future Owner program giving to our client possibilities to invest a specific amount at the beginning and then use the boat a certain of weeks each season in the next 6 or 7 seasons. At the end of the charter program, the investor can buy the boat at advantageous price.

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